Herbal Medicine

Our Philosophy

Herbal medicine is vast and considered to be the backbone of TCM. Traditionally, it involves boiling raw herbs for several hours, with the subsequent broth reduced to concentrate. The active ingredients are then taken as a drink. Our clinic offers herbal medicine in granulated form which can be easily dissolved in water.

Every patient's condition is unique and so should be the herbal formula. One of the key benefits of Chinese herbal medicine is its ability to be intricately tailored to suit each person. As conditions change, the herbal content will also be adjusted accordingly. Our clinic has over 250 different herbs in granule form. They are prepared under strict GMP and certified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia. It is very rare that only one kind of herb will be used but rather, several kinds will be combined in a prescription formula, which may consist of 2 to over 20 different herbs, depending on the conditions.

Our Philosophy

Scared of the taste of herbal tea?

The herbal tea may taste repelling at first to anyone who has not tried it before. Now we can prepare tailored herb prescriptions in capsule form which is largely tasteless. Because of the limitation in extracting natural plant materials, patients may need to take more capsules than taking conventional medicine. Patients are recommended to drink a full cup of warm water when taking the capsule to promote proper absorption of the herbs to increase effectiveness.

Can Chinese herbs be used in conjunction with conventional medicine?

There are very few reports of adverse interactions between herbal medicine and conventional one. In fact, the two very often complement each other. However, it is important that patients disclose every medication currently taking to our practitioners at the first consultation so that we are able to ascertain any risks and adjust prescriptions accordingly.