Western Sydney University TCM External Clinical Practicum

Nong’s Clinic is appointed as the external clinic of WSU for their TCM student’s clinical practicum and fieldwork experience. Western Sydney University's Traditional Chinese Medicine course prepares practitioners with the knowledge attitudes and professional competencies required for a successful career in both the modalities of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and herb dispensing.

Patient Experience

Through a combination of Chinese medicial skills, innovative technology, contemporary medicine and modernized management, Nong’s clinics provide patients with high-quality Chinese medical service as well as reliable, convenient and instant concentrated Chinese medicine granules.

Interviewing Nong's in International Conference of Modernization of Chinese Medicine and Health Products in Hong Kong

International Conference & Exhibition of the Modernization of Chinese Medicine & Health Products is a 2 day event being held annually at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai, China (Hong Kong S.A.R.). This event provides a leading global platform for the latest traditional Chinese medicine, health-care products and services. Nong’s showcased the research and development achievements on Chinese medicine and seek for networking opportunities and potential collaboration.

TCM clinic in Hong Kong grows rapidly, Nong's clinics provide one-stop services including medical diagnostic and dispensary service of CCMG products. The expansion of the Nong's clinics provides a driving force to the growth and at the same time helps build a stronger brand recognition in Hong Kong. The fast expansion of the clinics underscores the customers' large demand of Chinese medicine and CCMGs with proven efficacy are gaining in popularity.

Nong’s the 3rd Herbal Pharmacy in Australia

Nong’s herbal dispensary system and equipment are now installed in the Health Sciences Clinic of RMIT University. The teaching clinic located in 30 Janfield Drive, Bundoora VIC provides clinical training for students to meet registration requirements and to prepare for independent practice upon graduation. Trained to conduct a thorough assessment and reach a working diagnosis that will best assist in providing the most effective treatment plan, the students gain valuable hands-on experience while they study.

Training Workshop in University of Western Sydney

Nong’s dispensary facilities was relocated to the newly refurbished TCM Clinic in Campbelltown campus of University of Western Sydney. Our team organized four sessions of training workshops to the University’s teaching and technical staffs, and final-year students with over 35 attendants. The Uniclinic offers a unique in-house education facility for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and open to the pubic with a diverse selection of therapeutic health practices.

HKABA Business Awards Finalist

Nong’s TCM Clinic is nominated as the finalist of the HK-Australia Business Awards 2014. The presentation of the awards was held on 3rd October at the Grand Hilton Hotel in the format of a Gala Dinner with more than 500 guests at this prestigious event.

This year commemorates the 15th HKABA NSW Chapter Business Awards. This annual award is designed to provide recognition and incentive to outstanding Australian corporations and companies with Hong Kong involvement that taking professional approach to business practice, and contributing to the industry and society. The distinguished guests who attended this year’s Gala dinner included Mr David Lawson, the State Director of the NSW & ACT Austrade and Mr Arthur Au, the Director of HKETO, Government of the HKSAR, amongst many other honourable guests.

TCM Business Evolving in Australia (NICM July Newsletter)

The National Institutes of Complementary Medicine (NICM) representatives recently attended two key events advancing the delivery of high quality traditional Chinese medicine healthcare and services in Australia.

Professor Alan Bensoussan spoke at the opening of the flagship Nong’s TCM clinic in Burwood,. The new store brings Nong’s advanced production technology and modernized delivery of Chinese medicine with a focus on granulated herbal extracts to a new clinic in the heart of Burwood Sydney. Nong’s granulated Chinese Medicine has been created through extraction and contraction technologies and is instantly soluble in water eliminating the process of boiling herbs. Nong’s is the only state licensed concentrated Chinese medicine granules manufacturer in Hong Kong and is currently the official supplier of most major hospitals in Hong Kong. The medicine is manufactured in an international GMP factory and is certified by the Therapeutic Goods Administrations of Australia.

Editorial about the Grand Opening of Nong’s TCM Clinic

The Grand Opening Ceremony of Nong’s first TCM Clinic in Australia was held in Burwood on April 12, 2014. The ribbon cutting ceremony was honored by Professor Alan Bensoussan, the Director of Australia’s National Institute of Complementary Medicine and Chair of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration’s Advisory Committee on Complementary Medicine, Mayor Angelo Tsirekas, the Mayor of Canada Bay, Dr Danforn Lim, the Advisory Committee Member of the NSW Health Professionals Council, Rose Chen, the General Secretary of Australian Traditional Chinese Medicine Association and Calvin Chan, Managing Director, Nong’s Hong Kong.

Bernard Leung, the Managing Director introduced the features of Nong’s TCM Clinic. The clinic keeps in stock nearly 300 different kind of granulated herbal extracts which enables practitioners to prescribe professionally according to the unique conditions of patients. Nong’s granulated Chinese Medicine, used modern extraction and concentration technologies, is instantly soluble in water and eliminates the tedious and complicated process of boiling herbs. Nong’s, the only state licensed concentrated Chinese medicine granules manufacturer in Hong Kong, is currently the official supplier of all major hospitals in Hong Kong. The medicine is manufactured by international GMP factory, certified by Therapeutic Goods Administrations of Australia.

Besides, the clinic in Burwood has three consultation and treatment rooms, installed with advanced TCM and dispensing facilities.

Participation in the 8th World Conference on Acupuncture, WFAS Sydney 2013

Sponsored by World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies and China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, the theme of the conference is “from the classical to the modern – advancing global health and wellness through acupuncture & traditional medicine”. Nong’s is proud to present our modernized and computerized clinical dispensary system in this world event which is all fed into the theme.

Feature in “Jing Luo” official newsletter of Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association

Nong’s has dedicated itself in modernizing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). With the help of many internationally-renowned academics from both local and overseas universities, Nong’s has established itself as a technological front-runner in the industry.

Nong’s Dispensary System in University of Western Sydney


On 25th March, 2013, Nong’s modernized dispensing unit was installed in the Chinese Medicine Uniclinic in Campbelltown Campus, University of Western Sydney.

President of the People’s Republic of China Mr. Xi Jinping visited Nong’s Nanning Factory

Nong’s factory is one of the six plants approved by CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) in China to produce and distribute Chinese medicine granules. What’s more – it is the first and only manufacturer with foreign investment to obtain this prestigious status. The entire production line adopts the latest Japanese technology, with 80% of the manufacturing process being fully automated. It meets the highest GMP standards in the world by design and exceeds national specifications in many areas.

Because of its state-of-the-art design incorporating environmentally-friendly elements, the factory has become a model plant visited by over 200 delegations and distinguished guests. In 2010, President of the People’s Republic of China Mr. Xi Jinping praised its sophistication and modernization during his visit to the Factory

Interview with Reuters.com

Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ancient art of healing using nature ingredients that are often boiled or powdered, is getting a modern dose. Thousands of plants, fungi and animals – some endangered and controversial – are used to make traditional Chinese remedies. But some practitioners in Hong Kong are trying a new approach, transforming the plants into soluble granules and tablets, and attracting younger patients with the convenience.

“What we are doing now is we are making every single herb into soluble granules, just like instant coffee,” said Abraham Chan, President of the Modernized Chinese Medicine International Association in Hong Kong. “Now after you have got the prescription, just go to the dispensary, the pharmacist there will mix up the granules and you will go home having one little sachet. It saves a lot of time.”

Traditional Chinese Medicine is increasingly seen as an alternative to, or complement for, pharmaceuticals.

It is believed to have less side effects than western medicine, another reason for its growing popularity among Westernized professional and health-conscious youth.

“Kids don’t like Chinese medicine because it tastes bitter, so the pills are more convenient,” said 22-year-old Katie Yeung. “Western medicine has some negative effects. The older generation tell us how good Chinese medicine is. So it is easier for us to accept and to use it,” added 25-year-old Karen Ho.