What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, refers to a broad range of medical practices sharing common concepts which have been developed in China and are based on a tradition of more than 2,000 years, including various forms of Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, Tui-na (Chinese therapeutic massage), cupping, reflexology, moxibustion, dietary therapy, lifestyle advice, movement therapy (such as Tai Chi), and meditative therapy (such as Qi Gong).

What is the difference of the herbal tea prepared by raw herbs and concentrated granules?

Nong’s Chinese herbal granules are prepared by replicating the traditional method of preparing decoction using modern extraction and concentration technologies. They are instantly soluble in water, thus eliminating the tedious and complicated process of boiling herbs while guaranteeing the same degree of curative efficacy, taste, aroma and flavor as in traditionally prepared medicinal decoction.

Can Chinese herbs be used in conjunction with conventional medicine?

There are very few reports of adverse interactions between herbal medicine and conventional one. In fact, the two very often complement each other. However, it is important that patients disclose every medication currently taking to our practitioners at the first consultation so that we are able to ascertain any risks and adjust prescriptions accordingly.

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine needles into various acupuncture points along the Qi (energy) pathway within the body. Each energy pathway connects with an internal organ, and the stimulation of points along this pathway can influence the function of that particular organ. Any abnormalities to the flow of energy through these channels may result in illness, pain or a host of other symptoms. Needle points along these channels remove the blockage and enhance the smooth flow of energy which in turn brings health.


How should I prepare for the treatment sessions?

• Make sure you have something light an hour or two before the visit and do not consume any alcoholic or caffeinated beverages. Receiving treatment on an empty stomach may affect effectiveness and you may also feel dizzy after the treatment.

• Wear comfortable clothes. You will be asked to disrobe to undergarment but robes or coverings will be provided.

• Avoid wearing strong perfumes or cologne.

• Refrain from doing heavy exercises right before the appointment.

• Provide a list of medications you are taking.

• Bring along any relevant imaging or lab work.

Appointments are required for all consultations to avoid long waiting hours. We recommend you to arrive on time as the more relaxed you are, the more accurate the diagnosis.

How often should I come for treatment?

As part of your first visit, our practitioner will propose a therapy plan. Since every individual is different with varied conditions, it is difficult to state definitively how many treatments will be required. In general, acute conditions of recent onset may require 2 or 3 treatments. Chronic conditions usually require more treatments to achieve sustainable results.

What should be noted during acupuncture treatment?

During the treatment, it is important to lie still and relax. Our practitioner will explain the procedure thoroughly. Once the needles are inserted, the practitioner will cover your body with towels and leave you for some time for the treatment to take effect. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, our practitioner is always on hand. After the treatment, you may need to wait for a moment before getting up. We recommend you to drink some water right away as this will help flush out any toxins and reduce muscle tension. Avoid doing vigorous activities after the treatment.

Product and Equipment

Are Chinese herbs safe and reliable?

Chinese herbal medicine has been used as front line medicine by the majority of the world’s population for thousands of years, and is still the most widely utilized medical system in the world today. Our clinic exclusively uses Nong’s herbal products. Nong’s granulated herbal extracts provides quality and convenient solutions to replace the use of raw herbs while abiding by the TCM principles. Therefore, great dissolvability is the key to dosage accuracy and efficacy of TCM. Nong’s herbs can be dissolved in hot water clearly so that patients taking the herbal drink can experience the same taste, smell and most importantly, the effects of decocted herbs. Nong’s factory in Nanning has obtained Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificates from both the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) of China and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia, proving that it has attained world-class manufacturing standards. With the ISO-17025 (CNAS certified) in-house laboratory, the 100% self-owned plant is regarded as one of the finest TCM facilities in Asia. The entire production line adopts the latest Japanese technology, with 80% of the manufacturing process being fully automated, outperforming the productivity of other similar production plants by 300–400%. It meets the highest GMP standards in the world by design and exceeds national specifications in many areas.

What is individually tailored herbal prescriptions?

Every patient's condition is unique and so should be the herbal formula. One of the key benefits of Chinese herbal medicine is its ability to be intricately tailored to suit each person. As conditions change, the herbal content will also be adjusted accordingly. In this practice, every herbal formula is dispensed following the consultation and based on your particular conditions. It is very rare that only one kind of herb will be used but rather, several kinds will be combined in a prescription formula, which may consist of 2 to over 20 different herbs. Therefore, our clinic stocks over 250 different herbs, enabling our practitioners to prepare the most suitable and tailored herbal prescriptions for you. Our clinic is also equipped with computerized dispensary system to assist our registered dispensing staffs to monitor the dosage accuracy.

How are the herbs taken?

Nong’s Chinese herbal granules are instantly soluble in water, thus eliminating the tedious and complicated process of boiling herbs while guaranteeing the same degree of curative efficacy, taste, aroma and flavor as in traditionally prepared medicinal decoction. After the consultation, our dispensing staff will prepare your tailored herbal prescriptions and pack them in sachet form, mostly one dose per pack. Please follow practitioner’s instruction and recommended daily diet, if any. Preparing the herbal tea is easy – pour the pack of herbal granules into a cup of hot water and stir it to dissolve, just like preparing a cup of instant coffee. As different herbal granules have different solubility, some active ingredients may remain undissolved. For best results, patients are recommended to take the undissolved residues together.

Any alternatives if the taste of herbal tea is my concern?

The herbal tea may taste repelling at first to anyone who has not tried it before. Now we can prepare tailored herb prescriptions in capsule form which is largely tasteless. Because of the limitation in extracting natural plant materials, patients may need to take more capsules than taking conventional medicine. Patients are recommended to drink a full cup of warm water when taking the capsule to promote proper absorption of the herbs to increase effectiveness.

Any alternatives for acupuncture treatment if I scare of needles?

Some people are scared of being applied needles even though the pain involved is infinitely small. For less discomfort, Pyonex needle is your alternative choice as it features a smaller size with a round-shaped head. It can be applied as a patch to various parts of the body.

What is Pyonex Needle?

Japanese Pyonex needles are effectively used on trigger points, local points that are tight or painful (Ashi points) or any acupuncture point deemed by the practitioner to benefit from continuous, subtle treatment over the day(s) following their consultation. The secret to the perfect but painless insertion of Pyonex needles is in the patented needle head. The proprietary pine tree leaf needle tip ensures effortless, pain-free insertion. The adhesive tape is made from Micropore, which allows the skin beneath it to breathe. It adheres effectively and comfortably to the treatment area, ensuring safe treatment. Our practitioner will advise you if Pyonex needle is a good option for your treatment.